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A nes style, turn based jrpg

About the game

Tropia is a nes style, turn based jrpg. It's called Tropia for a reason. We're not trying to make anything revolutionary. If you find yourself thinking, "I'd love to play a game almost just like the original Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games, but I already beat those games", then this is the game for you.

The story follows a band of heroes as they explore the world collecting mcguffins and trying to save the princess.


  • A Twist No One will see coming!!!

  • 5 hours of gameplay

  • Find and collect the 5 Seceret bells hidden around the world

  • Solve puzzles and pick locks using the 4 different playable characters over world skills

  • 7 Dungeons to explore

  • Enjoy Classic Retro Tun Based Combat

  • 8 Bit Graphics

  • All original sprites and music


“Tropia is worth looking into especially if you need something else to beat than the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest for the xth time.”
7.25 – Chalgyr’s game room

“Even snowmen bleed”
7/10 – Killa Penguin

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