lEGEND OF the wizard king

Bajo Games| Ponzalskov | TBD

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A long time ago, the Knownlands were only ruled by chaos. The Wizard King, named Klaes, spread horror and tyranny over the lands. Until the true hero, the Alaari, blessed by the gods, faced the dark lord and his horde of demons.

With bravery, and using the True Magic Sword, the hero managed to banish the Wizard King into the far plane of eternal void, known as Ilisar.

The hero then left the knownlands, leaving a prosper and peacefull way for a new beggining in the history of mankind.

Until now."

Legend of the Wizard King is an Action Role Playing Game, with emphasis in both action and roleplaying mechanics, where you play the role of an adventurer, sent from the Southlands to help the small town of Taby.

Venture in the Knownlands in search for the magic artifacts that will help you defeat horrible and fearless creatures roaming freely on the surface nearby town; Interact with the environment and the townsfolk to get information and guide on what to do or where to go; And when you feel ready, face the Wizard King, once and for all.